Monday, August 27, 2012

He's Making a List...#1: Sample Art Objects

Well, I thought I'd start off with a list I've been working on for years, a Sample Art Objects list! I've been influenced by several threads and posts on this subject over the years and wanted to finally publish a compilation of all the best of those ideas in one place. Before I start, I did not make all of these items but they were too good to not to have on this List. If you are the maker of any of these art object ideas, let me know in the comments and I'll add you to the credits for this post. I do not mean to take credit for anything I did not create myself, I just want to let Gamers know about interesting and cool ideas.

Alrighty, lets get to the list....


A GM's Guide to Art Objects: Sample Art Objects for all Price Levels

*****Less Than 55GP*****
--Back-Issue of Play-Orc(10GP)
--Crude but accurate Drawing of Nude Female(10GP)
--Lovingly Crafted Child's Toy Dragon(15GP)
--Intricately Carved Wooden Amulet(20GP)
--Booklet: "Cursing in any Language" Translations and pronunciations for most Swear-Words in many common and a few uncommon Languages.(25GP)
--Collectable Orcish Beggar Statuette(30GP)
--Wooden Puppet or Marionette made by locally known Puppet-maker early in his/her career(40GP)
--Book: "Teh Tails ov Scragg Elfcrusher" This short book has only badly drawn pictures in it.(12GP)
--Roughly cut Wooden Flute. sounds rather like an Owl(8GP)

--Painting: Still Life of Fruit in Bowl. The Pear looks kind of odd.(60GP)
--Board Game: Carved from Common Wood, Maple vs Ash(58GP)
--Jerkin with Name of Famous Bard on it.(59GP)
--Jerkin with Heraldry and Family Motto of Famous Knight on it.(68GP)
--Jerkin with Name and Win-Loss Record of Famous Gladiator on it.(56GP)
--Pair of Engraved Silver-Plated Iron Wedding Bands(78GP for Set)
--Detailed Statue of a Monkey(75GP)
--Brass Locket with a small note inside(80GP for Locket only)
--Book: "The Social and Mating Habits of the Common Basilisk" This Book is permanently held open to page 34 by a petrified Humanoid Hand.(95GP)
--Pair of Silvered Shot Glasses: Bears the logo of "The Laughing Dragon Inn and Tavern"(100GP for Set)
--Play script: "Grog Blood-Grunt and Almasia Elvario" This Play is about the love between the Half-Orc Son of an Orc Chief and the Daughter of of an Elven Noble. Very Tragic.(105GP)

--Back-Issue of Play-Elf, unfortunately Missing Centerfold(107GP)
--Solid Silver Simple Wedding Band(112GP)
--Dining Room Chair made from Teak or Redwood(110GP)
--Well made Supple Leather Gloves(125GP for set)
--Wooden Stand-Up of Famous Adventurer(150GP)
--Pair of Engraved Gold-Plated Iron Wedding Bands(200GP)
--Painting: Topless Female Dwarf(200GP)
--Musical Instrument: One-Man Band Contraption(240GP)

--Painting: Tasteful Nude of Famous Male Bard(Worth 260GP but only to one of his Fan-girls)
--Painting: Dark Naga at Rest, Painted from Life(270GP)
--Pair of Quality Silk Gloves(275GP)
--Teak or Redwood Dining Table, seats six.(300GP)
--Board Game: Carved from Darkwood(350GP)
--Game or Sport: Complete Set of the Kobold Skull-Skull game, made from goblin Skulls(314GP)

--Book: "A Beginners Guide to Revenge the Gnomish Way!" This Book is about Gnome Humor, especially tricks and Pranks.(350GP)
--Puppet or Marionette made from Darkwood(350GP)
--Really, Really Comfy Armchair(400GP)
--Enchanted Quill: Automatically corrects most spelling and punctuation errors when used to write with in Common.(450GP)
--Painting: Bathing Elf-Maiden looking over her shoulder at the viewer while reaching for her bow.(500GP)
--Silk Dress trimmed with lace(550GP)
--Musical Instrument: Fancy Bass Drum with harness and Drumsticks.(358GP)

--Dwarven Tapestry: Dwarves vs Orcs(550GP)
--Set of 12 Books: "Dwarven Drinking Songs about Gold: The Essential Collection." Includes the lyrics to such favorites as "Gold, Gold, Gold", "GOOOOOOLD, Gold", and "Gold, Gold, *BURP* Gold, *Retch*"!(600GP)
--Really, Really Comfy Reclining Armchair(650GP)
--Painting:Nude Female Eladrin/High Elf/Nymph(700GP)
--Enchanted Quill: Automatically translates from Common to one other Language and vice versa.(689GP)

--musical Instrument: Huge Golden Harp(700GP)
--Board Game: Carved from Marble(800GP)
--Large Gemstone(900GP)
--Painting: Nude Female Celestial, seated with arms and legs crossed so nothing interesting can be seen.(1,000GP)
--Painting: Nude Erinyes or Succubus. Very Lewd, Nothing left to the imagination.(1,050GP)

--Painting: Blue or Bronze Dragon Breathing Lightning(1,200GP)
--Crushed Velvet Hat with a Feather plucked from a Celestial or Erinyes or Vrock by the previous owner.(1,400GP)

--Royal Throne(1,500GP)

--Huge Gemstone(2,100GP)

--King-Size Bed, Very Comfortable(3,000GP)

--Lifesized Statue of an Ancient Ruler(4,00GP)

--Massive Gemstone(6,000GP)
--Board Game: Pieces adorned with real gemstones.(7,000GP)

--Stylish carriage, Hold four Medium Humanoids(7,500GP)

--Painting:  Depicts a well-known Female NPC Topless. Produced to pay for an outstanding debt to the artist's client.(10,000GP)
--Board Game: Ruby Pieces vs Sapphire Pieces(14,000GP)

--Statue: Topless Elf-Maiden(15,000GP)
--Titanic Gemstone(40,000GP)

--Enchanted Petrified Eladrin/High Elf "Slave-Girl". Comes with Command-Words for Un-Petrifying, Re-Petrifying and Disciplining. She is Nude, of course.(70,000GP)
--Castle Carved from or Tiled entirely with Marble.(100,000GP)
--Freaking, Huge Gemstone. Currently used as a footstool in a Giant's Lair.(500,000GP)
--Painting: Nude of Minor Goddess in the Campaign World. Just knowing that it exists can get you ex-communicated from her Church! But, you've gotta admit it, She's hot enough to make this painting worth that small penalty*Wink,Wink*(10,000,000GP at the very least!)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Welcome to my Blog type thingy

As it says, welcome to the Blog of the one and only Generic Fighter. So a little about me and what I'll be trying to do with this Blog. My primary goal for this Blog is to relearn all those writing skills I've let slip over the years. As for why I am doing this with the Blog, I want to be a game designer someday. So I need practice for that. So most of what I will be writing about will be stuff about game design and stuff I've designed for games. I will also be writing about various gaming related topics, too. Basically, the goals of this Blog are to provide interesting and useful things for gamers of various types and to get my skills at writing and designing game related things up to the point that I can make a living off my design work! This may take a while!

-----My Gaming Background

Been playing D&D since early 3.0 edition and was originally reluctant to try 4.0. But had the most fun I ever had DMing the Release Game-day, so changed my mind. Been a solid supporter of 4.0 since! And will most likely continue to do so. I'm known as Generic Fighter on the forums/DDI and am known as some form of that name over the rest of the Inter-Webs. I currently DM two D&D 4E games, one Face to Face and one online, and am preparing to run my first Play-By-Post game, also D&D 4E. I am currently a regular player on the Guildhall Podcast where I play Truth, the Gender-Confused Tiefling Bard.

I got started in gaming through Video Games, though. I am a great lover of old school video games from the 8-Bit and 16-Bit eras. Some of my favorite Video Games include Mega Man 2&4, Final Fantasy 6, Dragon Warrior/Quest 4, 7&9, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Final Fantasy Tactics, The Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts 1&2.
-----General  Random Info about me

Age: 34 years, 11 Months, 1 day , at the time of this post
Gender: Male
Race: Human Being, I think
Current Occupation: Professional Volunteer (No you still do not get paid, even when that IS your Job:P )
Current Location: My Parents a small town in Pennsylvania, USA
Favorite Fiction Book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Favorite Non-Fiction Book: Some kind of Atlas of the world
Favorite Gaming Book: The D&D 4th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide 2
Favorite Podcast: 20-Sided Death Actual Play Podcast
Favorite PC I've ever Played: thog, Half-Orc Monk
Favorite Food: Beef Jerky
Favorite Food I can actually make: Sloppy Joes

So, anywho, I'm going to try to have a Post up soon.