Saturday, August 10, 2013

GenCon 2013 is coming.

And I'm going there! You should too! And if you are, you need to know some basic things for Convention Goers. So here are some of the more important things....

--Section #1: Things for the Trip to and from the Con.

Portable Entertainment(Portable Video Game System, Smart Phone, Tablet Computer, a Big Fat Book, ect.)
MP3 Player(iPod, Zune, ect.)
GPS(If driving)
Copy of your Flight Information(If Flying)
ID Card

--Section #2: Things to take along for at the Con.

Cell phone/Smart Phone
Camera(If you don't have a Phone that can take good Pictures)
Backpack(For carrying stuff)
Personal Health related things(Eye Glasses, Hearing Aid, Dentures and Adhesive, Medications, ect.)
Credit or Debit Card/s
Padlock and Key
Collapsible Bags(for purchases)
Money for the Dealer Hall

 --Section #3: Things to Wear at the Con

Comfortable Shoes!(Very Important! You WILL be Walking a LOT!)
Funny or Clever T-Shirts
Costume and extra Material for it(If CosPlaying)
Extra Shirts(In case of Food Accidents)
Long Sleeved Shirt/Hoodie(Some areas of the Con will be significantly colder than others.)

--Section #4: Thing to Do at the Con

Play An Old Favorite Game
Play The most recent thing to peak your interest
Play The Game you never know you would Love
Kill Orcs
Play as an Orc
Buy awesome stuff for your home games
Get Inspiration for a New Game/Campaign
Learn new Painting/GMing/Playing Techniques
Run a Game or two

So, there they are. See you at the Con:)


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