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Shadows of the PCs #3: Shadow Sheska

So, back again later than I thought. So I'll just get on with the article.

So, continuing my list of articles on bringing my PC's Shadows to life, well, continues. Up this time is Shadow Sheska. Sheska was the Swordmage PC mentioned in an earlier article. Her Shadow was created the way it was due to the fact that Sheska's Player was starting to get bored of the Swordmage Class and was seeing the limitations of it as well. So, that is why her Shadow has an Anti-Magic theme to it. So on with the statblock!


Shadow Sheska    Level 10 Solo Soldier
Medium shadow humanoid (human, shadow)    XP 2,500
HP 412; Bloodied 206
AC 26; Fortitude 23; Reflex 21; Will 22
Speed 6
Saving Throws +5; Action Points 2
Initiative +9
Perception +14

O Anti-Magic Field • Aura 1
Arcane attack powers have a -2 penalty to hit Shadow Sheska and any other creature in the aura.
Standard Actions
m B.F.S. • At-Will
Attack: +15 vs. AC
Hit: 2d12 + 6.
C B.F.S. Sweep (weapon) • Recharge 5 6
Attack: Close Burst 2 (Enemies in burst); +13 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d12 + 6.
Double Trouble • At-Will
Effect: Shadow Sheska makes 2 Basic Melee attacks and Shifts 5 squares in between the attacks.
Minor Actions
Curse of the Broken Wand • Daily
Effect: Sheska is Weakened until the end of the encounter. When Shadow Sheska is Bloodied, Sheska has Ongoing 10 Damage. When Shadow Sheska is destroyed, Sheska loses all Arcane Powers if she is still weakened by this power..
Skills Athletics +15
Str 21 (+10)    Dex 15 (+7)    Wis 18 (+9)
Con 15 (+7)    Int 15 (+7)    Cha 15 (+7)
Alignment chaotic evil     Languages Common, Elven
Equipment fullblade, scale armor

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So details about the Powers...

--Anti-Magic Field--
Basically, this Shadow sucks the Magic from the World just by her presence. Mechanically, this is represented by giving a penalty to Arcane attacks against her and things near her. This was bad for two of the PCs, Sheska and Vorgh. Vorgh had regained his Humanity and Living status after his last Level Up and was now a Chaos Sorcerer. However, this pretty much never came up in the fight since their players rolled like bosses for the whole battle!

--B.F.S. & B.F.S. Sweep--
the abbreviation stands for "Big Freaking Sword". :P An early Build of Sheska used a Fullblade so I did these as a throwback to that.

--Curse of the Broken Wand--
This is how Sheska the Swordmage became Sheska the Brawler Fighter.

So, next on the List will be Shadows of the Parties Elven Sentinel Druid, Dara Silverleaf, and Her Bear Companion, Peevo. See you next time:)


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