Thursday, October 9, 2014

Monster Mayhem Month 9

Greetings and Welcome to Monster Mayhem Month here at my blog. Everyday in October I will release a 4E Custom Monster of my design here!
Today the Monster is...

Fire Eater    Level 8 Soldier
Large elemental magical beast (fire)    XP 350
HP 86; Bloodied 43
AC 24; Fortitude 21; Reflex 20; Will 20
Speed 6
Immune fire Vulnerability 5 cold
Initiative +8
Perception +11
O Fire is So Pretty • Aura 2
Enemies in aura take 5 damage whenever it takes ongoing fire damage.
Fire Eating
When the fire eater would take fire damage, it instead gains 5 temporary hit points or heals 5 Hit Points, its choice.
Standard Actions
m Burn (fire) • At-Will
Attack: Reach 2; +13 vs. AC
Hit: 2d8 + 7 fire damage and marked until the end of the fire eater's next turn.
C Flame Burst (fire) • Encounter
Attack: Close burst 1 (Enemies in Burst.); +11 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 3d8 + 11 fire damage and marked(save ends).
Triggered Actions
Ignite (fire) • Recharge 5 6
Trigger: The elemental hits a creature with an attack.
Attack (Free): (The Triggering Creature); +11 vs. Reflex
Hit: Ongoing 5 Fire Damage(Save Ends).
Skills Intimidate +11
Str 20 (+9)    Dex 14 (+6)    Wis 14 (+6)
Con 14 (+6)    Int 14 (+6)    Cha 14 (+6)
Alignment chaotic evil     Languages Primordial

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So, Fire Elemental. This was an experiment to see how problematic Immunity could be. I agree that Most creatures shouldn't have Immunities. Most, not All though. Immunity is something that should be rare and Dangerous. I wanted to do that with this monster.

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